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Diatest offers a complete line of bore gages and probes, in addition to a line of specialized crankshaft and gear gages.


BMD plug gages are high precision self-centering indicating bore gages. BMD plug gages are mainly used for the volume gaging of close toleranced bores. A large assortment of accessories e.g. indicator holders, depth extensions, adapters, and right angle attachments are available.


The crankshaft gage can be used for the testing of crankshafts and crankshaft bearings. Crankshaft gages are used when testing marine engines, motor vehicle engines, compressors etc. in grinding shops, repair departments and in the assembly of engines.


With split-ball probes, the measurement of through and blind bores, together with parallel distances, can be made. A large assortment of accessories such as holders, depth extensions, adapters, right angle attachments, and depth stops enables use as a handheld gage, or in checking stands and gaging fixtures.


These indicating 2-point bore gages distinguish themselves by easy handling, various combination possibilities, and a large measuring range. Apart from detecting the diameter, the shape deviations (conical, barrel, out-of-round) can be determined.


External gear gages are used for measuring pitch diameter and the size “over the balls.” The gages are made of an aluminum ring with an adjustable ball anvil and a movable ball plunger which transfers the measuring movement directly to a dial indicator. For exact measurements, the gage can be mounted in a checking stand.

Internal gear gages are used for measuring pitch diameter and the “dimension between balls.” The gages are, depending on size, like the split-ball probe system and the plunger probe system. The accessories for those gages, right angle attachment, floating holder, etc. can also be used.


SmartScope Flash Systems

SmartScope® Flash™, Flash CNC, and CNC systems are the best choice in automatic general purpose dimensional measurement. A high quality, 12:1 zoom lens calibrates itself at every magnification change for consistent measurement accuracy.

Innovative solid state illumination sources, color camera, and ZONE3® 3D CAD based metrology software make every Flash model a powerful video measuring system.

Every Flash model is multisensor capable, supporting touch probe, laser scanner, and micro-probes.

SmartScope® Quest Systems

SmartScope® Quest systems are high-accuracy metrology systems designed to use a variety of sensors for full three-dimensional measurement.

Accurate video measurements require accurate images, and Quest offers the best optical performance available. Our patented TeleStar® 10:1 zoom lens is completely telecentric and automatically calibrated throughout its range for distortion free, high-fidelity images - perfect for high-accuracy metrological applications. Pair any SmartScope Quest with QVI® ZONE3® 3D CAD based metrology software.

SmartScope® SP Systems

SmartScope® SP systems are designed for optimum scanning probe performance. Starting with a rigid base structure, the system mechanics are designed to optimize dynamic data acquisition critical to scanning probe performance. SmartScope SP systems feature ultra-stiff Z-axis motion, and one independent motion axis that carries the part. These characteristics eliminate common mechanical errors that degrade scanning probe performance.

QVI Fusion

QVI Fusion is an innovative multisensor measurement system that combines a unique large field-of-view (LFOV) optical system with available touch probe, laser and micro sensors to form a uniquely productive metrology system.

Fusion 350The heart of Fusion's capability lies in its LFOV optical system. Large field optics allow a wide area to be imaged with high accuracy, while QVI's exclusive feature extraction can instantly process and identify all features and dimensions within the scene with no need for a pre-programmed measurement routine. Fusion's AutoID capability allows any previously programmed part – or multiple parts – to be placed anywhere on the stage, even without fixturing, and Fusion will identify the parts and automatically measure them.

EasyTom S

Compact and highly versatile X-Ray Micro CT System

  • Highly flexible X-Ray CT system : large scanning volume in a small footprint easily fitted into a lab or office room
  • Highest Resolution 3D CT : 2 µm
  • Achieve high resolution scans within the shortest time (6s): reduces the time to market and enhances the quality of your components
  • Innovative design that minimizes system downtime and required maintenance
  • Automated scanning reconstruction and inspection workflow for production batch
  • Unequalled system size versus scannable volume ratio

EasyTom Micro & Nano

High Resolution X-Ray Micro or Nano CT System

Highly flexible X-ray CT system with very large inspection volume that can be easily integrated into a lab or office room. Six linear motorized axes enabling optimized magnification for various sample types and scanning configuration. Available in different setups: Micro-focus, Nano-focus or Dual Tube.

EasyTom Micro

  • Multiple micro-focus tube configurations up to 230 kV
  • Highest Resolution 3D CT: 4 µm
  • Superfast CT acquisition up to 6s for fast inspeciton or 4D CT.
  • Automated scanning reconstruction and inspection workflow
  • Innovative design for minimal system downtime and easy maintenance
  • Multiple detectors

EasyTom Nano

  • Tomography at a sub-micron scale or both micron and sub-micron: single or dual tube configurations
  • Highest resolution 3D CT: 0.35 µm
  • High precision granite table that guarantees stiffness, stability and positioning using high precision linear encoders 
  • Multiscale acquisition
  • Designed for in-situ CT experiments
  • Innovative design for minimal system downtime and easy maintenance
  • Multiple detectors

EasyTom XL

High Resolution X-Ray Micro or Nano CT System
Very Large Step-in Cabinet

Highly flexible X-ray CT system with very large inspection volume. Six linear motorized axes enabling optimized magnification for various sample types and scanning configuration. EasyTom XL is available in different configurations: Micro-focus, Nano-focus or Dual Tube.

EasyTom XL Micro

  • Scan heavy samples (up to 100kg)
  • Multiple micro-focus tube configurations up to 230 kV: Possibility of choosing the most suitable X-Ray source for your samples and applications
  • Highest Resolution 3D CT:4 µm
  • Achieve high resolution scans within the shortest time (6s): reduces the time to market and enhances the quality of your components
  • Automated scanning reconstruction and inspection workflow
  • Innovative design that minimizes system downtime and required maintenance

EasyTom XL Ultra

  • The only step-in cabinet allowing a combination of high power and high resolution X-Ray sources: nano-focus160 kV & micro-focus 230 kV
  • Highest Resolution 3D CT: 0.35 µm
  • High precision granite table that guarantees stiffness, stability and positioning using high precision linear encoders
  • Ideal for in-situ CT experiments
  • Innovative design that minimizes system downtime and required maintenance.


Modular Design for a Highly Versatile X-Ray Micro or Nano CT System

  • The only modular system allowing a combination of high power and high resolution X-Ray sources: more than 2 X-ray tubes including nano-focus160 kV & micro-focus 230 kV
  • The most advanced imaging chain: up to 3 generators at the same time (micro, high resolution and high power)
  • Laboratory set-ups that can be customized according to your applications : for linear detectors, high speed cameras
  • Highest Resolution 3D CT: 0.35 µm
  • High precision granite table and air bearing axes that guarantees stiffness, stability and positioning using high precision linear encoders
  • Ideal for very large in-situ CT experiments
  • Totally open design

X-Act CT Software

In-House CT Acquisition and Reconstruction Software

Every CT system from RX Solutions has been developed for applications in various industrial fields : research & development, process monitoring, quality controls, defect analysis or CT metrology. The innovative RX Solutions X-Act software runs in any system and allows easy and intuitive CT settings.

​The software, entirely developed by RX Solutions, is an innovative and customer friendly solution to control our X-ray equipment. CT acquisition, 3D reconstruction and image processing can entirely be performed by X-Act.

QC-CALC Real-Time

QC-CALC Real-Time is used to collect and display measurement results from all CMMs and Video CMMs, without operator intervention. You can create reports and export data to spreadsheets, databases, and other SPC programs. This means you can transfer data from all of your measurement devices to any SPC package using one program!

This is the first program to provide one interface for all machines and one interface for all outputs. Our goal is to make your data collection seamless no matter what equipment you’ve purchased or software you use.


QC-CALC SPC is a complete SPC package that analyzes the data collected by QC-CALC Real-Time. Use QC-CALC SPC’s charts and reports to constantly monitor your process and keep it in control.

QC-CALC SPC offers a wide variety of charts and functions to aid your analysis and give you the power to make on-the-spot decisions. In seconds, QC-CALC SPC gives you a precise picture of how your production line is performing with easy-to-use menus.

Group data from multiple sources, filter it, monitor the shop floor, and run charts with a couple clicks.

SPC Office Buddy

The SPC Office Buddy is a revolutionary new application that integrates directly with Minitab, JMP, and MS Excel to run reports using CMM data collected by QC-CALC Real-Time. This direct integration virtually ends manual data entry once and for all. The Buddy allows you to set up custom filters to reduce your data before sending. When finished, you can run statistical reports or Sixpacks on any subset of your data and then place these charts into your Excel reports in the location of your choice. The Buddy automatically sends each feature’s label, nominal, tolerance, and subgroup information straight to Prolink Charting, Minitab, or JMP without typing, saving you time and money.


QC-Mobile is Prolink’s first web-based application to deliver reports and statistics to the shop floor through a browser. It works as a companion application to ERS by helping you to distribute reports, dashboards, full views and drill down statistics via any web browser on your network.

QC-Mobile is installed as a portable web server onto any PC on your network. Once installed and connected to your local ERS SQL Server database, it immediately allows you to see report history, dashboards and full views using the same user level functionality and ownership that exists in ERS.

There is no install on the client other than the browser of his or her choice.

S Wide

The Next Metrology Tool for Wide Areas

The S wide is a dedicated system designed to rapidly measure large sample areas up to 300 x 300 mm. It provides all the benefits of a digital microscope integrated into a high resolution measuring instrument. Extremely easy-to-use with one button acquisition.

  • Large Area 3D optical Metrology System
  • Sub-micron height repeatability over entire extended area
  • One shot height measurement up to 40 mm without Z scanning
  • Bi-telecentric lenses with very low field distortion providing accurate metrology
  • Traceability: Every S wide is manufactured to deliver accurate and traceable measurements. Systems are calibrated using traceable standards according to ISO 25178 and VDI 2634-2.

S neox

3D Optical Profiler

The new S neox outperforms existing optical 3D profiling microscopes in terms of performance, functionality, efficiency and design, providing Sensofar with a class-leading areal measurement system.

The S neox is a complete tool. Its design is ideal for obtaining a fast, noninvasive assessment of the micro- and nanogeometry of technical surfaces in multiple configurations. S neox provides the flexibility, durability and efficiency required from the standard setup for R&D and quality inspection laboratories to sophisticated, customized solutions for online process controls, measuring samples up to 300×300 mm2 and maximum height up to 350 mm.

S neox Five Axis

Complete 3D Measurement Solution

The S neox Five Axis 3D Optical profiler combines a high-accuracy rotational module with the advanced inspection and analysis capabilities of the S neox 3D Optical profiler. This enables automatic 3D surface measurements at defined positions which can be combined to create a complete 3D volumetric measurement. S neox 3D measurement technologies cover a wide range of scales, including form (Ai Focus Variation), sub nanometric roughness (Interferometry) or critical dimensions that require high lateral resolution as well as vertical resolution (Confocal).

The Five Axis system makes it possible to take automatic 3D surface measurements at defined positions, and combine them to create a complete 3D volumetric measurement or to inspect the surface finish at specific positions around the sample.

S lynx

Compact 3D Surface Profiler

S lynx is a new non-contact 3D surface profiler designed for use in industry and research. It has been designed as a compact and versatile system. S lynx is able to measure differing textures, structures, roughness and waviness, all across varying surface scales. The S lynx’s versatility makes it appropriate for a broad range of high-end surface measurement applications. Ideal performance is guaranteed by Sensofar’s proprietary 3-in-1 measurement technology, and complemented by the incredibly intuitive operation of the system with the associated SensoSCAN software.

S mart & S onix

In-line 3D Surface Sensors
Our two in-line systems have primarily been designed to be compact, robust and easily integrated. The next priority was to align their specific strengths to those performance characteristics that are actually required in a production environment.

The S mart addresses the need for ultimate measurement flexibility in an in-line capable package, and is positioned as the most versatile industrial system on the market.

The S onix addresses the need for outright high speed – and thus high throughput – surface metrology in in-line production and process control, and is positioned as the fastest industrial system available today.

EVOLVE SmartProfile

GD&T Evaluation Software
EVOLVE SmartProfile is a model-based user interface that supports a seamless project workflow, from importing data to generating the report. EVOLVE SmartProfile provides guidance for adding or modifying part design tolerances based on actual part inspection results.

  • Eliminate results variability caused by using different evaluation techniques and/or metrology software.
  • Eliminates human error caused by incorrect interpretation of the GD&T standards.
  • Quickly assesses part tolerances and processes to improve production.
  • Optimize enterprise resources by separating part measurements from the tolerance evaluation process.


Improves Design GD&T

EVOLVE Design is Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) tolerancing software which helps engineers apply correct GD&T (GPS) tolerances to their CAD models.

  • Apply functionally and syntactically correct GD&T in a 3D model
  • Proof your CAD model’s GD&T and get helpful guidance
  • Learn from context-sensitive explanations that refer to the specific part of the standards
  • Communicate to downstream processes and eliminate waste and errors in transcriptions of GD&T

EVOLVE Design proofs your GD&T (GPS) tolerances on the model. Highlights potential tolerancing problems and provides recommendations through its explanatory systems that show relevant guidance based on the GD&T standard chosen.

EVOLVE Design has Tolerance Stackup and Point Generator tools to provide a better understanding of the impact of chosen tolerances.

EVOLVE Manufacturing

GD&T and Functionality

Using GD&T in the manufacturing process provides inherent benefits, but modern manufacturers realize that a GD&T drawing is not enough.

GD&T requirements target the combined effects of all factors – size, location, orientation, etc. Efficient manufacturing analysis requires the separation of factors. There are fundamental differences between “evaluation of measurements to ensure function” and “evaluation of measurements to provide direct feedback to manufacturing”. These differences involve the datums used, coordinate systems vs. DRFs, the mathematical algorithms used, the presentation of the results – to mention a few.


Built for the Future, Powerful Tools that are Easy to Use

EVOLVE SPC is a full statistical process control software that can be used as either a standalone product with existing measuring systems or integrated into the EVOLVE Suite.

EVOLVE SPC information is visualized in the 3D CAD model as tables and graphs, making it easier to see process variations by characteristic. Legacy measurement data can be converted to model-based data using a simple wizard.

EVOLVE SPC is easy to install and get running right away but it also includes a powerful database, saving you the headache of separate database management. The database is available if you need it and invisible if you do not.

SmartFit 3D

SmartFit 3D is a standalone 2D/3D best-fitting and analysis software

SmartFit 3D is an interactive software environment where measured data is analyzed, optimized, and compared to CAD and theoretical data.

SmartFit 3D starts working where your measuring tools leave off. This powerful, intuitive software accepts measured data from virtually any contact or non-contact inspection device, including CMMs, laser scanners, laser trackers, and video systems.

Data are compared to the nominal representation of a part (CAD model, drawings, nominal points) to optimize their positions. Intelligent best-fitting mathematical methods provide thorough analysis, optimization, and evaluation of conformance to form and location for 2D/3D rigid bodies and assemblies.

Renishaw FixtureBuilder

Renishaw's FixtureBuilder software creates fixturing set-ups to provide documentation and assist off-line programming for CMM, Equator™ gauging and vision inspection.

FixtureBuilder is a 3D-modelling software package designed to allow the creation and documentation of fixturing set-ups.

The software can be used with a CAD model of the inspected part, which is imported into FixtureBuilder, so that the fixture can be built around it. The entire set-up, along with the inspected part, can then be exported into inspection programming software. FixtureBuilder supports most CAD formats including IGES, SAT and STEP. A translator add-on module is available for Pro/E and CATIA.



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OGP Zone 3

ZONE3® - The World's Most Comprehensive Metrology Software

ZONE3 Metrology Software represents a totally new way of working with multisensor measurement systems. Its interface clearly displays relationships between parts, sensors, datum alignments, and machine tooling. ZONE3 uses CAD models and other innovative features to automatically and effortlessly generate measurement routines. The software is now available in four different versions:

  • ZONE3 Express offers full measurement capabilities and tools, basic GD&T functionality, and the ability to work with 2D CAD files.
  • ZONE3 Prime offers all the functionality of Express, plus full 3D CAD capability and full GD&T functionality.
  • ZONE3 Pro adds enhanced productivity and analysis tools for the power user.
  • ZONE3 Offline mimics Pro, but is designed for use at an offline workstation, eliminating the need for a measuring machine.

ZONE3 combines all metrology software functionality into one comprehensive package.

Features Include:

  • Full 3D CAD programming.
  • ASME Y14.5 compliant GD&T functionality.
  • Interactive reporting with live data and graphs.
  • Multisensor auto-path creation.
  • Live kinematic model simulation of machine with DRF and GD&T Animation.

Benefits of ZONE3

  • Truly sensor independent - ZONE3 can operate SmartScope multisensor systems with video, laser, touch and scanning probes.
  • Designed to work with any combination of sensors with no need to designate a primary sensor.
  • Makes use of automatic routine generation - using the CAD model and other innovative features to speed up routine building.
  • Accepts all kinds of CAD models - in native format
  • Load multiple CAD models if your project desires it, for example a fixture model and a part model.
  • Programming is fast and easy with the "Apply to Similar" feature, which copies the steps for similar features in the CAD model to all instances.